HMRC tax enquiries

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is taking a hard line on reducing the UK’s estimated £40 billion tax gap – and all businesses are potentially under threat of investigation.

Investigations by HM Revenue & Customs can severely disrupt business operations – and even intrude into the personal lives of owners and their families.

Taking measures to avoid an investigation – and knowing what to do if the worst happens – has never been more important.

Our advisers have an impressive track record of resolving issues swiftly and with a minimum of upset for the client.

We are experienced in negotiating settlements with HMRC across all areas of taxes including income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, VAT and inheritance tax.

Our investigation service is key to protecting you against the costs of an HM Revenue & Customs investigation and starts from as little as £4.80 per month.

For more information download our Tax Investigation Service brochure. To speak to an adviser fill in our quick enquiry form or T:+44(0) 151 647 6681.

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