Valentine’s Day may be viewed with cynicism by a lot of people these days, given its commercial connotations but the occasion does, at least, prompt us to inject a bit of passion into our lives.

Passion can be hard to come by – particularly when it comes to our working lives. How many of us can say that we genuinely love our jobs for instance? Work place culture and job satisfaction can make all the difference. And, at McEwan Wallace, thanks to supportive colleagues and fantastic relationships with clients, we are in the fortunate position of enjoying the work we do.

As Marketing and Business Development Manager for the firm I have the privilege of reaching out to the wider business community and connecting business owners and entrepreneurs with advisers who can nurture their enterprises and help them to flourish.

Seeing our clients achieve success and expand their businesses as a result of the support McEwan Wallace provides is enormously rewarding. Every member of our team is passionate about helping clients to progress and this should be apparent from the very first interaction you have with us.

Long-standing relationships are central to our business and, in the seven years I’ve worked for McEwan Wallace I’ve been able to forge lasting connections with many leading businesses in the region. Socialising with clients at events that I have organised is one of the most enjoyable parts of my role.

The best businesses are all about people. That’s certainly the case at McEwan Wallace, where we place importance on treating each other with care and respect. We’re a family of sorts – only with fewer arguments! And this caring attitude translates to our client relationships.

So yes, I am one of the lucky few who actually love their job! St Valentine would approve. But I’ll be applying passion in my role on every day of the year and not just as a one off each February.

Rebekka Cairns

Marketing and Business Development Manager

McEwan Wallace

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