Auto enrolment

All UK employers must automatically enrol their staff into a workplace pension, provided that they meet certain criteria. Pension Auto-enrolment is not voluntary, every employer must comply.

If you haven’t done so already, you need to start looking at Pension Auto-Enrolment NOW - even if you do not have to set up a scheme for some time. The process should start AT LEAST 12 months prior to the scheme going live.

If you are a client of McEwan Wallace Payroll Bureau we can offer you a complete auto-enrolment service by organising, Setting Up, Completion & Processing of:

  • The Pension Regulator Declaration
  • NEST Pension Scheme Set Up & Administration
  • Payroll Pension Scheme Implementation
  • Ongoing AE assessment & processing on your frequency basis
  • Communication of AE Letter for employees

If you are not a client of our Payroll Bureau we can:

  • Put you in touch with an Auto Enrolment expert who will talk you through the process, help you decide which scheme is best for your firm and implement and manage your scheme if you wish.

For further information contact Dave Connolly on 0151 666 5940 or email

To find out more about your auto-enrolment responsibilities click here

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